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S N A P  C L I P S 

 Our Snap Clips are 2” and fully lined. Perfect for all hair types and lengths. 

B L A I R / P I G G I E S 

Blair can be found in a pigtail set or as a single. Sometimes in one loop or two! It’s our little surprise bow measuring at 3”. 


D O U B L E  D I V A / D I V A

Best seller! Perfect size (3.5”). Fabulous for solids AND prints! 

P H O E B E 

This bow is so glamorous! Multiple layers and a neat *pinch*. Lots style at just 3.5”. 

C H L O E 

Top choice! Two big, full loops at measuring 4”. 


M A R L E E 

Our latest style named after our newest addition! Scalloped. Pinched. Perfection. Measuring 4”. 

H E A D B A N D S 

Fun pops of color, pair with your favorite bow for a head full of awesomeness!